About us

Municipality of Kragujevac, on the meeting held on June 27, 2003, brough Decision of founding Public Communal Company “Parking service Kragujevac”.

PCC “ Parking service Kragujevac” in Kragujevac, execute communal activities of setting up and maintenance of public garages and public spaces for parking, as well as collection and storage of irregulary parked cars on the populated territory of Kragujevac.

The activities of the company are:

• Services in traffic, threatening activities concerning usage of parking lots and garages
• Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
• Selling of parts and tools for motor vehicles
• Retail sales of petrol
• Wholesale of waste and scrap
• Other retail sale not in stores
• Transportation of goods in traffic
• Transshipment cargo, i.e. manipulation of cargo
• Warehouses and stocks
• Maintenance and care of cars
• Technical investigation and analysis, i.e. periodical checking of motor vehices concerning safety in traffic, issuing certificates for motor vehicles
• Driving schools activity
• Other service activities, not mentioned elsewhere, activity of employees who charge parking of vehicles
• Construction of roads and highways, which includes painting and marking signs on roads, setting up of fences and traffic signs etc
• Setting up of electrical installations, which includes installation for street lights and electrical signals
• Other supporting traffic activities