How do I pay parking by SMS?

Parking can be paid by sending a text message with your registration number on the appropriate number, depending on the parking zone in which you want to pay parking. Read more on the sides Payment by SMS and Zones.

What happens if I get an answer that I have successfully paid for parking?

Parking is paid only when operator response SMS arrives, confirming that a payment is done. If the user does not answer the paid parking within 2 minutes in the form of text message, he is obliged to pay to park using a parking ticket, or to repeat the request for payment by sending a text message.
If you don’t get the answer that you have successfully paid for parking, because for example your phone turned off or you get a response that the service is not currently available, it is considered that you have not paid for parking and you have to pay for parking using parking tickets.

I sent an SMS to the park and got a ticket, why?

Keep the confirmation text message until you are sure that everything went fine. If you do get a special daily parking ticket, confirmation SMS is proof that you have paid for parking, so based on that you can file a claim.
Mostly happen you have the wrong parking zone (on sign for parking lots are all the necessary information; parking zone starts behind the sign).
Make sure you typed the full license plate, wrong is usually (e.g. 123456 instead KG123456), instead of the number 0 (zero) the letter O, etc.

Why warnings are sent to vehicle owners, and not to users who have the authorization of the court or municipality?

Special daily parking ticket is issued according to vehicle plates. If voluntary settlement of obligations is absent, warnings will be sent to the owner of the vehicle to pay the penalty. Warning for the payment of the ticket are referred to the owner of the vehicle, according to the latest data reported during vehicle registration.
PCC “Parking Servis Kragujevac” information about the owner of the vehicle obtained from the Ministry of Interior as the sole charge of owners of motor vehicles.