In addition to the present system of parking charging, by charging parking tickets, PCC “ Parking Service Kragujevac”, in cooperation with the firm SoftSerbia Ltd. Kragujevac developed its own system for control and parking charging by usage of mobile phones, ie. SMS.

With the introduction of the new license plate from January 01,2011. in Serbia, there was a problem with Latin labels for parking charging via SMS which JKP ‘Parking Service” met with readiness.

System for the collection and control of parking recognize newly introduced tags, so that owners of new license plates with Latin letters S, C, R, G and Dj can SMS without difficulty – in order to pay for the parking, with a return message from the operator and tags which correlates these signs. So instead of Đ will get you D instead of C – C, C – instead of a C, instead of S – S, instead of Z – Z.






SMS is a price for parking, and price depends on the area you park + the price of a text message, that depends on your mobile operator and tariff profile you are using.

1 Type in the text of the message complete vehicle registration number, without spaces or special characters, for example. KG123456. The system takes care of the small and large letters, so you do not have to worry about it.

2 Send message (depending on the zone you are in) to:

• 8340 for zone 0
• 8341 Zone 1
• 8342 for Zone 2
• map and start to 8343 for parking in zone 1
• map and start to 8344 for parking in zone 2

3 Soon you will receive a confirmation of payment via SMS , with specially generated number of ticket for entered plate number of your vehicle, zone and time until it expires.
This message serves as an official confirmation that you have successfully paid parking of your vehicle with indicated specified period.
4. You will receive reminder message few minutes before expiration of your parking, which reminds you on the expiration of your plate number ticket acquirement, so that you can prolong the parking or remove the vehicle.

Note (all zones):
In case you don’t receive any message by the system, or you receive message that service is not available at the moment, you have to pay for your parking with a parking ticket, which still represents the valid way of payment.

Note (zone 0):
User who pays continuously for three hours in Zone 0, the system does not allow the next payment for minimum 60 minutes for the same registration number and the same area, regardless of network from which SMS is sent. The next payment for the same registration number and the same area can be done 60 minutes after expiration of the continuous last hour.
Also, a few hours’ ticket is not valid in the zone 0, where the effective time limit of 180 minutes.