Special day ticket

Article 14

The beneficiary of the parking lot should:
1 pay for the use of parking spaces by retention time (parking ticket, electronically, etc.).
2 on the inner side of the windshield to place the bought parking ticket
3 correctly enter the required information about parking time in the parking ticket
4 use a parking ticket that matches the zone and category of parking space and the vehicle for which the parking ticket was issued
5 use the public parking lot for the time that it is paid for
6 use parking place in accordance with the horizontal and vertical signaling, with which the public parking lot is marked.
7 comply with the requirements of the other payment methods.

The beneficiary of the public garage should:
1 take appropriate entry ticket.
2 use the parking place in accordance with the horizontal and vertical signaling.
3 pay a fee for using the parking garage in the accordance to the time of use.

Article 17

Controller during the procedure of control determines if the use of the public parking is not in the agreement with the regulations when:
1 the user has parked the vehicle, but hasn’t made a payment in advance for parking services, that is, doesn’t have a valid parking ticket.
2 the user which has paid the service of parking for the one hour, but has continued to use the parking space after the time has run out.
3 the user has continued the usage of a parking lot when the possible time limit for that parking zone has elapsed.
4 the user acts in disagreement with the regulation of an Article 14 paragraph 1, points 1-5. and 7 of the Decision on a public parking lots (“Official Gazette of the City of Kragujevac.” No. 29/2011).

In the cases referred to the paragraph 1 of this Article, it will be considered that the user has the contract with the Company for the usage of the public parking lot for a 24 hour period and he is in obligation to buy a special daily parking ticket which issued by an authorized Controller which delivers the ticket to the user.

Article 18
When the controller is not able to give the user a payment order, then it is being attached to the user’s vehicle. The delivery of a payment order, from an Article 17, paragraph 2 of the Decision on public parking lots, is considered valid and subsequent destruction or damage to it does not affect the its validity and the payment of the special daily parking tickets.

Article 19
The user is obliged to comply with the given payment order and pay a special daily parking ticket within 8 days of its receival. If the user does not comply with the order, that is, fails to pay special daily parking tickets within 8 days, the Company will deliver him a warning.
The user is obliged to act by the warning within the next 8 days, and besides the paying for the special daily parking ticket, to pay the costs of the warning and the interest, what will be emphasized in the payment order.
The payment order with a warning is valid as an authentic document of the court order